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Looking for after school and summer child care programs in Dallas County? You've come to the right place! Narrow your search by zip code, program type, and age to find the right choice for your child.

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Dallas Community Fellowship Inc.
3015 E. Ledbetter
Dallas, TX 75216
Dallas Hilltop Daycare & Learning Center
DALLAS, TX 75232
Dallas International School at Campbell Rd.
Dallas International School at Churchill Way
6039 Churchill Way
Dallas, TX 75320
Dallas ISD DASA at Daniel Webster Elementary School
3815 S Franklin St
Dallas, TX 75233
Dallas ISD DASA at Urban Park Elementary School
6901 Military Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75227
Dallas Park and Recreation at Ascher Silberstein Elementary School
5940 Hollis Ave.
Dallas, TX 75227
Dallas Park and Recreation at Bayles Elementary School
2444 Telegraph
Dallas, TX 75228
Dallas Park and Recreation at Budd Elementary School
2121 S Marsalis
Dallas, TX 75216
Dallas Park and Recreation at Burnet Elementary School
3200 Kinkade Drive
Dallas, TX 75220
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